JUNE 6, 2013


Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington of Jonesboro announced Thursday that Steven M. Honeycutt, 38, of Jonesboro, was sentenced to 50 years in prison Monday after pleading guilty in Craighead County Circuit Court to charges relating to a September 2011 incident in which he beat his girlfriend and put a gun to her head

Ellington said that Honeycutt entered guilty pleas before Circuit Judge Lee Fergus to charges of first degree battery and possession of a firearm by certain persons. He also pleaded guilty to a petition to revoke his previous probation due to a new theft charge.

Honeycutt was sentenced to 32 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections and eight years of suspended imposition of sentence, or S.I.S, on the first degree battery charge; 18 years imprisonment for the petition to revoke probation as a result of the new theft charge; and 20 years suspended imposition of sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Ellington said the sentences were run consecutively for a total of 50 years in prison to be followed by 28 years of suspended sentence. Honeycutt was charged as a habitual offender under Arkansas law.

“Mr. Honeycutt will either be imprisoned or under the supervision of a parole officer for most of his remaining natural life,” the prosecutor said.

Ellington said the bulk of the prison time stemmed from a September 2012 incident in which Honeycutt was arrested for aggravated assault and attempted capital murder. Ellington said the attempted capital murder charge was dropped during negotiations with defense attorney Charlene Henry to alleviate the necessity of having the victim testify at trial, and Honeycutt waived his right to appeal. The victim suffered cracked ribs and a punctured lung in the incident, the prosecutor said.

Honeycutt has a lengthy criminal history with several felony convictions and has been booked in the Craighead County Jail more than 40 times since 1993, Ellington said. His most recent run in with law enforcement was in March of this year when he was shot in the arm by Craighead County Deputy Sheriff Brandon Womack following a pursuit and traffic stop on County Road 766, more commonly referred to as KAIT Road, in rural Jonesboro. Honeycutt was out on bond for the September 2012 incident at the time of the March shooting.

Following an investigation of the incident by the Arkansas State Police, Ellington cleared Womack of any wrongdoing and found that “the officer did not act unreasonably in the assessment of the threat he perceived in the situation and that his use of force was consistent with state law.”

Ellington wrote in his April 3 official findings letter to Sheriff Marty Boyd and the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division: “The officer’s dash camera video of the incident shows the following:  Honeycutt fled from Womack after the officer initiated a traffic stop. After he finally stopped, Honeycutt began to exit the pickup immediately, in a manner that could have been interpreted as aggressive, and was then instructed by Womack to get back into the vehicle. After getting back in the vehicle, Womack instructed Honeycutt to show his hands and exit the vehicle. After exiting the vehicle, Honeycutt then leaned his upper body back in the cab of the truck to get something and Womack shouted at Honeycutt to show his hands. As he withdrew from the cab of the pickup truck, he drew his left hand with the object in it up to breast height, and that is when Womack fired his service weapon striking Honeycutt in the upper left arm above the bicep,”

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